App Store & iTunes Prepaid Card / Japanese Store

App Store & iTunes Prepaid Card / Japanese Store

السعر الإعتيادي
السعر بعد التخفيض
مبلغ الشحن يتم حسابه عند الدفع
الكمية يجب أن تكون 1 أو أكثر


Apple Store & iTunes Prepaid Cards are available in values of 1,500 yen to 30,000 yen.
They can only be used for Apple stores in Japan and may not be used for any other purpose or exchanged for cash.

Please note that this prepaid card is obtained from the Japanese market and may take some time to receive after purchase.

Please note that the prepaid card code will not be immediately sent upon request.

Customers can purchase the card by following these steps:
1)  setting the order of the prepaid  card value you want
2) after resiving your order, we will purchase the card from the Japanese market
3) then we will send you the prepaid card number via email (we will send you the original photo of the card, including the card number) 

4) the card will be purchased from the market, and preparing the order of the card tackes time like any other order