Shipping Policy & Methods

Shipping Policy


Order Confirmation and Shipping Process:
Your order will be shipped after the payment is confirmed. Once payment is confirmed, we cannot accept cancellations as the shipping process is initiated.
Please note that the prices displayed for our products do not include shipping costs. Shipping charges are determined based on the total weight of the products in your order. You can calculate the shipping cost and select the appropriate shipping method during checkout.

Order Preparation and Shipment Time:
After selecting your desired products and completing your purchase, please allow us approximately 6 to 9 days to prepare and process your order before it is ready for shipment.

Shipment Notification:
Once your order is shipped, you will receive a notification via email that includes the shipment tracking number.
This will allow you to monitor the status and location of your package as it makes its way to you.

Restricted Shipping Items:
Please be aware that certain items cannot be shipped due to safety and regulatory restrictions.
These prohibited items include flammable products like compressed sprays, oils, perfumes, and batteries.
Consequently, all the products we offer for sale will not contain batteries or any of the aforementioned restricted items.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding our shipping policy, please feel free to contact our customer support team at We are committed to ensuring a smooth and secure shipping experience for all our customers.


Shipping Methods 

At Yorozuya Store, we understand that convenience and flexibility are paramount when it comes to choosing how your purchases are delivered to your doorstep. That's why we offer a range of versatile shipping methods designed to cater to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for swift delivery, cost-effective options, or specialized services, our available shipping methods are tailored to provide a seamless shopping experience. Explore the diverse shipping choices we offer to find the one that suits you best, and trust us to deliver your orders promptly and securely.

1. Japan Post EMS

Delivery Expectation: 9 to 12 days
Weight Range: Available for packages from 1g to 30kg


Japan Post EMS is an expedited and reliable shipping method that ensures your orders are delivered quickly and efficiently. Whether you're sending or receiving packages, this service is an excellent choice for those who value fast and secure delivery. With a delivery expectation of 9 to 12 days, Japan Post EMS offers a prompt and efficient shipping solution that accommodates packages ranging from a mere 1g to a substantial 30kg.


2.Japan Post SAL

    Delivery Expectation: 20 days to 1 month
    Weight Limit: Suitable for packages weighing less than 2kg.


    Japan Post SAL (Surface Air Lift) is an economical shipping service that offers a cost-effective way to send and receive packages. With a delivery expectation of 20 days to 1 month, it provides a budget-friendly option for your shipping needs. This service is ideal for packages weighing less than 2kg, making it suitable for lightweight items. Japan Post SAL ensures your parcels are transported efficiently, offering an economical solution without compromising quality.



    3. Shop & Ship by Aramex 

    Shop and Ship by Aramex simplifies your online shopping experience by providing unique global shipping addresses, allowing you to shop from international retailers and deliver your packages securely to your doorstep. With cost-effective shipping options, consolidation services, and real-time tracking, it's a convenient and reliable way to access a world of products from your favorite online stores. We gladly accept deliveries to Shop and Ship addresses, making your shopping even more convenient.

    To learn how to subscribe to the shop & ship service, visit this page.


    4. FedEx

    Delivery Expectation: within a week
    Weight Range: Available for packages from 1g to 30kg
    FedEx is your global shipping solution known for reliability and timely delivery. With a delivery expectation of one week, it's a quick and efficient choice for your shipping needs. Whether you're sending lightweight documents or heavy packages (from 1g to 30kg), FedEx has you covered.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)   

    • Where is shipping from?
      All shipments from the Yorozuya Store originate directly from our main headquarters in Osaka, Japan.

    • What is the shipping address?
      The shipping address is where your order will be delivered. It's crucial to provide a clear and detailed shipping address, preferably in English. Please include mailbox information and, if available, the postal code for a smooth delivery experience.

    • I don't have a zip code. What do I do?
      If you don't have a specific postal code or box, it's best to use the postal code of the nearest post office branch to your residence. Providing national address information is essential for countries that require a national address to ensure successful delivery.

    • I have placed the order. How can I track the shipment?
      You will receive a shipping confirmation email with the shipment's tracking number as soon as we dispatch your order. You can use the tracking number provided in the email to monitor your shipment's progress. It's crucial to track your shipment to ensure smooth delivery.

    • Where do I find the shipment tracking number?
      Once your order is sent for shipping from our headquarters, you will receive a message confirming the shipment and containing the tracking number. You can also access your page on our website to view the tracking number.

    •  Where can we track the shipment?
      You can track your shipment using the following methods:
    1. Log into your page on our website and click on the tracking number to access the tracking number page.
    2. Open your country's main post office page or the service provider's page (e.g., FedEx). These services are global, so use your country's postal website or the primary service provider's page for tracking.

    • Where will the shipment arrive?
      For most services, except FedEx or Shop & Ship, shipments will arrive at your national post office or be delivered directly to your home. Some countries may require a subscription to a home delivery service, and without one, the shipment will go to the nearest post office branch. FedEx or Shop & Ship shipments are delivered directly to your home.

    • Will I be notified when the shipment arrives?
      You will receive a message or call when the shipment arrives. Ensure that you provide the correct mobile number. Also, tracking your shipment independently is essential, as there may be instances when you aren't notified.

    • What are the consequences of not tracking the shipment?
      If you do not track your shipment consistently, it can cause the return of your package to Japan, or it may be destroyed by the shipping provider. Please be careful with tracking your package.

    Important Notice:

    Some countries do not accept slow mail service (SAL) for shipments weighing less than 2kg. Please use available shipping methods for these countries.

    Additional Note:

    When buying perishable items like candies and food products, make sure to consider the local weather conditions. If it's hot at the time of your order, we recommend against purchasing items prone to melting, and we highly recommend choosing faster shipping options for food products. Please be aware that Eurosia Store cannot be held responsible for food or sweets melting due to weather conditions or selecting slower shipping methods.

    For shipping inquiries, please get in touch with us at, or you can submit your inquiry through our "Contact Us" form.