Bank Deposit Policies

Payment Eligibility:

Payment via bank transfer is exclusively available to customers in Saudi Arabia. We utilize Riyad Bank for all bank transfer payments. You can initiate transfers from any Saudi bank to Riyad Bank, and we will furnish you with the necessary banking details once you confirm your request and select the bank deposit payment option.



Payment Procedure

  1. When opting for bank transfer as your payment method, you will be directed to the complete payment information page.

  2. Your order will remain open for a duration of 48 hours from the moment your order is confirmed. If payment is not received within this specified 48-hour timeframe, the order will be automatically canceled.

  3. When making the payment, it is mandatory to email us a copy of the payment invoice, accompanied by the order number. This requirement applies to every purchase, and we will remind you of this via email.

  4. Payments received beyond the 48-hour period mentioned above will not be accepted. In such cases, any amounts paid will not be refunded, and we will not assume responsibility for such payments. Thus, we kindly request your diligence in adhering to payment deadlines and the timely submission of invoices.

  5. In the event of on-time payment but a delayed invoice submission, there is a risk of order cancellation, potentially resulting in product unavailability for items you've purchased. In such instances, we urge you to contact us immediately. It's crucial to be aware that a delayed invoice may lead to order cancellation.

  6. Any unsolicited bank transfers made without completing the order on our website will not be processed or reviewed. We disclaim responsibility for any errors associated with orders. Please ensure that you finalize the order through our website, verify the total amount, and then proceed with the bank transfer.

For additional inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us through the following channels: