Detective Conan 0.5 PILOT Erasable Ballpoint Pen Limited Edition

Detective Conan 0.5 PILOT Erasable Ballpoint Pen Limited Edition

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It features a Friction Ball 0.5mm with three colors (black/red/blue) in one pen. The clip employs the "Lift Grip," which won't break even if it's clipped 100,000 times! Write in black, red, or blue and erase with the rubber on the cap! It has become even more convenient for notebooks. It is a slide lever type.

■ A revolutionary ballpoint pen that can erase written characters

・ Characters become transparent with temperature changes!

Equipped with a newly developed "Friction Ink" that makes the ink colorless due to temperature changes. Since "Friction Ink" has a set erasing temperature, the color of the ink becomes colorless by the frictional heat generated by rubbing with the dedicated rubber at the rear of the body, allowing you to erase the characters.

・ No eraser dust is produced. Few erasures are left.

Unlike writing instruments erased with an eraser, it does not produce eraser dust. Moreover, it has very few remaining erasures compared to erasing with a pencil or mechanical pencil.

・ Writable and erasable as many times as you want.

Unlike chemical erasers, such as ink erasers, it allows for repeated writing and erasing in the erased area.

【Instructions for Use】
Rub the rubber at the rear of the body over the dried characters to make the color disappear. *Cannot be used for certificates or addressing.

Caution for use
Do not leave it in a place where the temperature exceeds 60°C. The ink will become colorless. At around -10°C, erased characters may return. Depending on the type of paper, such as thermal paper, it may not be suitable for erasing. Do not leave it in a place exposed to direct sunlight.